The exhibition of recent art works by Slovak / French contemporary artist Michal Korman Je pense aux fleurs took place in September 2023 in the showroom of VinFast Raspail. This immense exhibition space (the largest in the Faubourg Saint-Germain – 1400 m2) hosted this project curated by Olga Korovina and produced by Olivier Guiraud from 7 Event for a duration of three weeks.
As flowers are universally beloved, the first spaces offered to the visitors a large set of decorative canavses focusing on flora bringing to our world beauty, colour and delicate forms and intoxicating scents of diverse blooms. Flowers have been a source of artistic inspiration for centuries, capturing the imagination and evoking deep feelings and memories. The series “Flowers of twelve months” depicting a variety of blooms typical for each month of a year aimed to explore spiritual and symbolic dimensions of flowers through the lens of contemporary art with references from diverse eras and cultures. The space for profound thoughts about the sublime simplicity of flowers and what they reveal about the human spirit was enhanced by the second part of the exhibition in the undrerground level, where another set of landsacpe paintings brought attention to the gardens from around the Globe to capture the joy and beauty found in the time passing of cycles of nature. For more information about the project, feel free to check the OVR space here:

For the opening, this hidden gem, located in the vibrant Rive Gauche, enhanced by the generous support of Ruinart Champagne, which added an extra touch of elegance and sophistication to the occasion, got the attention of more than 200 guests.
The mini garden spaces communicating with the artistic project were provided and arranged by l’Artisan Fleuriste Reza. The event garnered tremendous success, attracting a remarkable number of visitors (750 !) who were captivated by the unique fusion of artistic presence, the industrial architecture and technology. And attracted the attention of the journalists with articles in the Way Magazine and Le Figaro.

photos: Nikita Chorny, Erika Kostialova, Korman Studio