I’ve been focusing and finding inspiration in the vegetal world for a couple of years already. Flowers, gardens, the Nature around me bring me happiness I turn into the flat solid oil paint chunks on the canvas with addings: a sort of ornement or ‘motive’ to sublimate and disrupt their presence within the composition. Important to me is the excitement in the eye. Gardens, parks, flowers in a vase or plants growing in pots satisfy my curiosity more than any other ‘object of interest’. But I enjoy painting the things behind even more : wind, streams and currents, reactivity of an event to light embodied in a colour code, the possibilities of developemement for each object in Time.
I turned myself somehow naturally to these ‘subjects and spaces’ that I was not able to explore in my early childhood beacause of heavy allergies. Nowadays they bring me joy and pleasure just as does the fact of transposing them into art.

Michal Korman