There’s a 20 paintings for 2020 project on now ( instagram #20_for_2020). In 2019 I happened to finish 19 paintings which is my best yearly score so far and I’ve decided to reach number of 20 by the end of 2020 for a star of a new decade. A whole programma had to be arranged


The “GARDEN” and “MY POTS” series is about to be displayed in Japan: “The Inner Gardens” in Setouchi City Museum of Art – Okayama with the opening starting at on Tuesday – 3 March 2020. For the first time, the “Garden” series March 8. “My pots” exhibition is to take place at Mitsu-ba in Osaka


The “MY POTS” series includes 17 small and medium formats. 14 are to be presented at the Daniel Hanemian Gallery in Paris. The exhibits in this solo show echoe the great classic-modern French movements from the Nabis to the Fauves, as well as the Central European avant-garde with characters like Klimt, Moser, Kirchner or Macke.

My Pots

The most intimate garden spaces are flower-pots and vases – isn’t it? Therefore I’ve came to a decision of painting the ones I possess. The first attempt to paint a canvas which has for object plants growing in the bathroom of my Parisian appartment dates back to 2010. Here are some of the pots the


Since ever I do work on portrait of people close to me: mostly family and friends. This occasional distraction within my own “program-work” becomes more and more regular now. Therefore I paint those I love, admire and feel related to or those I miss, like my grandparents who recently passed away. Self portraits are being