17 February 2022 at Musée Guimet / 25 March 2022 at PHILOMUSES

Since 2 years I have been working with an extraordinary pianist, Ismaël Margain, with whom we spent whole days in artist residency during confinement, simply for the pleasure of creating together, one drawing inspiration from the art of the other. He is one of the most gifted among young French pianists, one of those who also love crossroads, liberty and doing things his own way. His training is classical, but he willingly ventures into jazz. This winner of the Long Thibaud Competition masters his piano at the highest level, but also takes pleasure in finding his saxophone or his flute from time to time!
His cycle of musical compositions « Contemplations » are interpreted and inspired by paintings of mine. Some of my compositions had been digitized and animated by the videographer Anne Sadovska, for a dreamlike and immersive journey so Ismaël’s interpretations, in Debussy in particular, were enriched and colored by this visual dialogue. From the discussions with me and the contemplation of my paintings he created some pices for piano and today, our artistic dialogue, has become a show, thanks to the help of videographer Anne Sadovska, who set these paintings in motion to project them on a giant screen!
We can’t wait to present this project to you on February 17 at the Guimet Museum and we hope to see many of you! In the meantime, as an appetizer, here is a nice teaser directed by Luigia Messina-D’Agostino.

Concert Feb 27 organised by Les Pianissimes ( Classical Piano Festival ) as original idea of Olivier Bouley.

Concert Mar 25 organised by PHILOMUSES ( association of public utility ) by Chantal Stigliani.
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