10 March to 13 November 2022

2022 closes the four years of embellishment of the Yves Brayer Museum in Baux-de-Provence.
The 1st floor is renovated and on this occasion, the permanent collections are revisited. Each of the rooms hosts a work by a young contemporary artist.
What is the link between today’s artists and those of yesterday?
This is one of the questions raised by the presentation of works of contemporary art among the collections of the Yves Brayer Museum in Les Baux-de-Provence.
Changing the way in which artists witness our time is not, however, a task that can be done by ignoring the past. This is why the confrontation with the painting of Yves Brayer is essential here. The journey of this exceptional artist, his curiosity and his love of the places he visited, are all things that remain and inspire contemporary artists.
Through his many travels, mainly around the Mediterranean, he painted in Spain, Morocco, Italy, then in Provence and the Camargue, where architectures are replaced by pure landscapes. These are the themes that the exhibition « Make a mark » sets out to explore.
Artists Audrey Langlet Odatempo, Maliza Kiasuwa, Gabriel Boutros and Tomek Jarolim, Gouzelle Ishmatova, Abdullah Al Qandeel, and Michal Korman, working in mediums as different as ceramics, textiles, music and technology, photography, drawing and of course, the painting are united to echo the work of one of their predecessors.

Exhibition powered by EEA Agency and Edelweiss Film Productions with generousity of Victoria Lacoste