Gardens and Vegetal Landscapes

I do focus on vegetal world for couple of months already. This is nothing new for me as I’ve been finding inspiration in plants for years. For this time things seem to bring me hapiness since I’ve returned to what I’ve done before exploring the possibilities of liquid paint technique. These days the flat surfaces of oil paint get a new addings: some sort of ornement to sublime and destroy their presence within an composition at the same time. It took me some time to understand how important the excitement of an eye is to appreciation and comprehension of a work of art. Gardens, parks, flowers in vase or plants growing in pots seem to satisfy me and my curiosity more than any other ‘object of interest’ ever did before. For my thirtieth anniversary which is to come in august I turned myself somehow naturally to these ‘subjetc and spaces’ that I was not able to explore in my early childhood due to a heavy allergies. Nowadays they bring me joy and pleasure just as does the fact of transposing them into art. ‘Aux cyprès de Villa d’Este’ was the first of this attempts to interpret a feeling of the garden and was based on the previous experience I’ve got while working on moroccan paintings such as ‘A Garden’ picturing Majorelle garden in Marrakech and ‘Secrets of Marrakech’- a view on a minaret of great mosque in Marrakesh throught the gardens that surround it in 2012 and 2015 respectivly. But quickly I’ve shifted the attention to coulours and relations between them.