United under the art show title >UNICOS< 12 artists exhibit their works in unique book creations of Rio de Janeiro based artist Gabriela Irigoyen at GLICERINA, Rua General Glicério, 445 loja C, Laranjeiras, Rio De Janeiro. Along with Gabriela’s work of  Hannah23, Mariana Mansur, Eduardo Denne, Michel D’Anastasio, Cláudio Gil, Mate Lelo, Maria Haddock, Coral Michelin, Tita

融き放つ 2

Second issue of successful Kurashiki Chūō Garō 融き放つ exhibition held in Japan in May. Together with calligrpahy master Yoshiko Yoshida alias Ryoshu, japanese calligrpaher Tekku Nishinaka, Michel D’Anastasio and russian artist Vitaly Shapovalov, I exhibit four japan-themed works; three oils: ‘Afternoon in Sō-ja’, ‘Sleepy rooster’, Varying (picturing blue komainu or buddha’s watching dog), and ink painting

Korman in Japan

Save the date: In the month of MAY (14-19) four of previously never exhibited works of mine will join the group exhibition of 4 artists @ Kurashiki Chūō Garō  (Kurashiki Central Gallery), Okayama prefecture – Japan. It’s going to be BIG! Along with calligraphies of Ryoshu Yoshida and Michel D’Anastasio as well as beautiful bizen