New series

There’s a 20 paintings for 2020 project on now ( instagram #20_for_2020). In 2019 I happened to finish 19 paintings which is my best yearly score so far and I’ve decided to reach number of 20 by the end of 2020 for a star of a new decade. A whole programma had to be arranged

My Pots

The most intimate garden spaces are flower-pots and vases – isn’t it? Therefore I’ve came to a decision of painting the ones I possess. The first attempt to paint a canvas which has for object plants growing in the bathroom of my Parisian appartment dates back to 2010. Here are some of the pots the


My recent work is being on show in my hometow Partizanske. All this would not happen if the works previously exhibited in Japan : Okayama and Osaka hadn’t landed in Slovakia because of Covid. Wonderful people from the House of Culture which is a municipal centre of arts have all helped a lot this event


The “GARDENS” and “MY POTS” series were displayed in Japan: “The Inner Gardens” in Setouchi City Museum of Art – Okayama with the opening on Tuesday – 3 March 2020. For the first time, the “Garden” series got together for a show. “My pots” exhibition took place at Mitsu-ba in Osaka ( Minamimachimori / Umeda)


The “MY POTS” series includes 17 small and medium formats. 14 are to be presented at the Daniel Hanemian Gallery in Paris. The exhibits in this solo show echoe the great classic-modern French movements from the Nabis to the Fauves, as well as the Central European avant-garde with characters like Klimt, Moser, Kirchner or Macke.


Since ever I do work on portrait of people close to me: mostly family and friends. This occasional distraction within my own “program-work” becomes more and more regular now. Therefore I paint those I love, admire and feel related to or those I miss, like my grandparents who recently passed away. Self portraits are being


I had a chance (or if you want to speak about privilege let’s say so) to visit India – motherland to our spirituality, land where all world major religions come from. In March 2014, my long-dreamed wish to discover this subcontinent came true. This tour, indeed not very long, as I have stayed in the

Carnet de voyage

An eighteen-century note book was once offered to me. Of something less than an A3 size, wrapped in paper, the animal, calf or a donkey skin beige cover, coulpe of missing pages, it is magnificent. For a while, I thought about selling it to some professional ‘faussaire’ as it’s filigrees show an royal french symbol

Seven deadly sins

My first ever published illustrations for a story book by Milan Kališ, an young Slovak author, handle with both fascination and critique of urban life, just like the knotty, heavy jungle-like texts of the edition are. Milan gave me free hand to come with some drawings for the collection of short (and long) analysis of

French statuary

After being focused on ancient greek and roman art for couple of years, I’ve decided to turn myself to French statues during the 2015 summer. Two couples of paintings are the result of long studies in the Louvre musuem: first are mid-sized marvelous alabaster neo-calssic figures depicting young men, based on work by Pierre Julien


Nude and landscape painting truly are two themes that seduce me the most in painting. The reason might be the fact body is some kind of reduced scale landscape, but what interest me primarily is the graphic expression in the shape of a human body once reduced to surface. Volumes never were something that excite


United under the art show title >UNICOS< 12 artists exhibit their works in unique book creations of Rio de Janeiro based artist Gabriela Irigoyen at GLICERINA, Rua General Glicério, 445 loja C, Laranjeiras, Rio De Janeiro. Along with Gabriela’s work of  Hannah23, Mariana Mansur, Eduardo Denne, Michel D’Anastasio, Cláudio Gil, Mate Lelo, Maria Haddock, Coral Michelin, Tita


Shíshī in China or  komainu in Japan, chinese guardian lions ( often called Fu-dogs in Occident) as a element of far-eastern culture always fascinated me by on one hand  the meaning of this imporant symbol and on the other by this exoctic interpretation of the prinicpal of believes in far-eastern countries as an equivalent of


* Chinoiserie /ʃɪnˈwɑːzəri/ a decorative style in Western art, furniture, and architecture, especially in the 18th century, characterized by the use of Chinese motifs and techniques. (Oxford dictionary) First new chinoiseries are here! Yes, it took me a couple of months to finish them and it was quiet a work. Starting with two Chinese gods of

融き放つ 2

Second issue of successful Kurashiki Chūō Garō 融き放つ exhibition held in Japan in May. Together with calligrpahy master Yoshiko Yoshida alias Ryoshu, japanese calligrpaher Tekku Nishinaka, Michel D’Anastasio and russian artist Vitaly Shapovalov, I exhibit four japan-themed works; three oils: ‘Afternoon in Sō-ja’, ‘Sleepy rooster’, Varying (picturing blue komainu or buddha’s watching dog), and ink painting

On Human Condition

Moscow-affair (2010) The origin of this painting is to be found in my short voyage to Moscow in autumn 2009. This huge city left in me many impressions and I wanted to work with this russian capital as with an object for one of my paining unsuccessfully for several months. Being a fan of Louis


It took me more than a year to realise a tatooed male nude painting I was bearing in my mind since my first trip to Japan. The design wasn’t very clear hence the fact of not being able to get to the expression until I’ve met my model as well as commissioner of this painting

White paintings

White paintings series was my first real intellectual effort to create a homogeneous universe using picture as a bearer of some aesthetic idea. I started to work on it in 2008 developing structural language of flat chromatic surfaces neighbouring in harmonious way and putting aside all true perspective or natural light creating volumes. My painting

Wandering shoes

Yes, I am a chronic traveler. It has been like this since my late 17 when I get abroad alone for a first time, hitch-haking from my home-country through Austria to Italy. My first travel painting dates back to this summer spent in port of Leghorn ( Livorno) and Tuscan countryside.  I was infected by

Korman in Japan

Save the date: In the month of MAY (14-19) four of previously never exhibited works of mine will join the group exhibition of 4 artists @ Kurashiki Chūō Garō  (Kurashiki Central Gallery), Okayama prefecture – Japan. It’s going to be BIG! Along with calligraphies of Ryoshu Yoshida and Michel D’Anastasio as well as beautiful bizen

Et in Arcadia ego

“For we brought nothing into this world: and certainly we can carry nothing out.” I – Tim 6:7 Popular as no other spiritual originated theme in painting (but may be charity) appears Vanity and contemporary society loves this ‘cutest of sins’ more than any other one to reflex it’s feeling about existence. I love vanity


Kingdom of Flora, so fascinating, inspiring artists since millennia is a welcoming theme to explore in contemporary creations even if floral motives may seem quiet old fashioned today. Not only Takashi Murakami’s psychadelic flower explosions or Don Sultan’s minimalistic compositions witness how the painters interprete their curiosity about plants. Flowers: If it’s by interest in

Korman au Maroc

>>Morocco was to me a revelation.<<  Winston Churchill states in one of his articles. It was just the same to me when I first discovered this magnificent country.  I dare say that Morocco is to Orient what Italy is to Europe, even if it were worth to add that the country is the very occidental

Good Taste

A good taste paintings are reproducing, for one the interior of Rome Musei Capitolini hall in which the Marcus Aurelius’ equestrian statue is displayed, second one shows the Michelangelo’s Hall in Louvre and another one the Room of Venetian painting in Vienna Kunsthistorisches Museum, or grand hall of Marrakesh city museum.        

Burning minds

The ‘Black fire’ painting dates back to 2010 when once arrived in Paris I started to look for new style, more casual and decontracted. There is a story behind: the hunk trying to get a contact with a prostitute – well, as we can see neither his face nor the prostitute it is up to

Les antiquités II

Antinoos (2010) First one of the series, the ‘Grand Imago’ is a portrait of ‘Antinoos de Richelieu’ (Musée du Louvre) a XVII century copy of roman marble. Octavius Aurgustus (2012) Behind this painting stands a famous statue Augustus di Prima Porta (Musei Vaticani, Rome) and the bronze copy of this famous marble in Sana Lucia

Les antiquités I (pairs and series)

The complete collection of my antiquity inspired paitings dating back to 2010 when started the Imago series with portrait of ‘Antinoos de Richelieu’ (Musée du Louvre). Using different techniques I have produced a series which counts several ‘portraits’ of famous marbles from biggest collections. Once again working with a principle of notoriety just like Andy

Bad Religion

So here it is – the image of Virgin Mary with a big red heart in her hands (I think this painting is due to the a very special and authentic maltese religiousity): Maltese Madonna: I did already work with christian themes in the past and did two paintings themed similarly quiet recently, the ‘Burning


In 1652 Bernini finished his work on bust of Francesco I d’Este, Duke of Modena – an artloving ruler of Modena and Reggio nell’Emilia. This portrait in marble which stands for what is considered (with the bust of French Sun King Louis XIV by the above mentioned sculptor) as an example and standard for monarchical portraiture

Das Schloß

126 years have passed since the opening of the famous Neuschwanstein castle to the public and since the death of Ludwig II of Bavaria that year; 90 years ago precisely Franz Kafka started to work on his last and longest novel The Castle, published in 1926. Two years ago, just after having finished reading of

Green line – inspiration

I have always been inspired by work of Henri Matisse. Here is the pochoir work on paper infuenced by his famous Madame Matisse portrait now conserved in Copenhagen titled: La Raie Verte. The japanese influence ( quiet obvious ) is not due to any empiric far-estern inspiration but to an uknown passing-by in Paris Metro.

On man

There is no excellent beauty that hath not some strangeness in the proportion. (Francis Bacon) Once again, I do return to my eternal questioning of the relation between understanding the cultural heritage and re-using it’s traditions in painting. Having fallen recently under the spell of some nietzschean philosophical ideas on eternel recurrence I return to

Art of portrait 2

Once again inspired by my favourite maestro after having visited his exhibition in Centre Georges Pompidou: Matisse: Pairs et Series to focus on art of portrait. I took my favourite model’s beautiful face to start with a variation on famous Portrait de Lydia Delectorskaya (Hermitage museum, Saint Petersburg) and sketch her portrait split by an invisible

Federico Cortese: CODICE / CODE

Born in Turin, Federico Cortese (41)  works as an independent artist and as an architect, collaborating with several design offices. Very skilled painter, he focuses in his artistic research on study of language. “Every language,” says Federico, “is created in the purpose of communicating an information. But each language also has formal rules stemming from

A Garden

In the same way as in the beginning of discovering countries in search of inspiration during my first stay Italy hit me with immense beauty and I fell in love with it’s landscapes and light Morocco, and more precisely Marrakech, has got me charmed and mesmerised me by her strange and vivid colours. As every

The Mesmeriser

Here is the one – blast from the past. It finds itself in New York and I was particularly happy to offer him an American adventure. Considering it as one of my best paintings ever done I miss this strange fearless but full of doubts sight very much of course. The absence of colours underline