Les antiquités II

Antinoos (2010) First one of the series, the ‘Grand Imago’ is a portrait of ‘Antinoos de Richelieu’ (Musée du Louvre) a XVII century copy of roman marble. Octavius Aurgustus (2012) Behind this painting stands a famous statue Augustus di Prima Porta (Musei Vaticani, Rome) and the bronze copy of this famous marble in Sana Lucia

Les antiquités I (pairs and series)

The complete collection of my antiquity inspired paitings dating back to 2010 when started the Imago series with portrait of ‘Antinoos de Richelieu’ (Musée du Louvre). Using different techniques I have produced a series which counts several ‘portraits’ of famous marbles from biggest collections. Once again working with a principle of notoriety just like Andy

The Mesmeriser

Here is the one – blast from the past. It finds itself in New York and I was particularly happy to offer him an American adventure. Considering it as one of my best paintings ever done I miss this strange fearless but full of doubts sight very much of course. The absence of colours underline