It took me more than a year to realise a tatooed male nude painting I was bearing in my mind since my first trip to Japan. The design wasn’t very clear hence the fact of not being able to get to the expression until I’ve met my model as well as commissioner of this painting I’ve decided to entitle ‘Tattoo’. Getting back to my 2008 graphical style of painting developped during my work on ‘White paintings’ series I present on white background canvas this beautiful and sensuous back covered with tattoo. Yes it’s looking hot and that’s exactly how I meant it!

Based on eastern masculine pictural sensuality the model is here to represent an image more than a individual.
Look at this Goh Mishima’s stamp ( Wakamono series – detail)  –

go mishima

– reminding that in Japan as well as in Occident the tattoo stands as a symbol of sensuality. Despite the fact of my model being a Malayan Chinese I decided to confront his tattooed body to pure, immaculate background: more japanese- or corean-like artistic expression. The tattoo in my painting replace the identifiable features of face imposing it-self as a dominating mark over the whole body or if you want over the whole personality of my model. Interesting…

Michal Kucerka: Tattoo, oil on canvas ( 92x73 cm, 2013 -Paris)
Michal Korman: Tattoo, oil on canvas ( 92×73 cm, 2013 -Private collection, Paris)
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