Korman in Japan

Save the date: In the month of MAY (14-19) four of previously never exhibited works of mine will join the group exhibition of 4 artists @ Kurashiki Chūō Garō  (Kurashiki Central Gallery), Okayama prefecture – Japan. It’s going to be BIG! Along with calligraphies of Ryoshu Yoshida and Michel D’Anastasio as well as beautiful bizen ceramic creation of Takashi Baba my Komainu painting titled ‘Varying’, a Gandara typed Buddha: ‘Your heart is empty’, manga like painting for little japanese boy ‘Tiger in the snow’ and beautiful ‘Kannon’ from Kyoto Senjusangendo temple will all be exhibited in picturesque historical water town of Kurashiki. The adventure will be total – what a pleasure to join group of such a singular creative people there!



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