Korman au Maroc

>>Morocco was to me a revelation.<<  Winston Churchill states in one of his articles. It was just the same to me when I first discovered this magnificent country.  I dare say that Morocco is to Orient what Italy is to Europe, even if it were worth to add that the country is the very occidental one of all those we love to sum under the term of Orient. A revelation?! Yes, a very lovely one indeed.
I have visited Morocco several times. It has been haunting me for several years prior to my first trip there that took place in March 2008.  The travellers gate to Morocco is undoubtedly it’s legendary city – the one that has been charming adventurers long time before Sam was playin’ it again  in Casablanca – the Red city  or the Ochre city or City of Roses if you want – Marrakesh. I am happy that this mythical and once an imperial town has opened to me the way to discover the way to the Arab “West”. I think that who once tasted to Morocco and liked the sensation never can but to come back again.  I returned there three times more since my first enchantment with the parfumes and sounds and strange colours and atmospere and hot breeze in the South of the country in Sahara and cold mornings on the Atlas mountains foothill. For the second time in 2010 back to Marrakesh to remind me of this vivid city and in 2011 to enterprise a North African “Grand-Tour”  starting in Red city and couting new discoveries in Fez and Meknes, both very unique jewels of Morocco.
I have not been painting much after my second and following visits, but the first trip – the revealing one brought to me lot of inspiration.
There was a whole collection of various compositions themed Morocco (especially Marrakesh) with nine canvases. The core of this collection has been to my great pleasure sold together to private collectors from Belgium. The Chilly Morning in Marrakesh, The Grand View of Marrakesh and In the Gardens of the Koutoubia mosque – three principal compositions (now in p.c. Dubai, U.A.E) were only the top of number of compossitions I started to work on in Brussels, Belgium soon after this first trip, that followed the first painting executed in March shortly after my return: Roofs of royal palace in Marrakesh. The Old town Gate (in p.c. Haifa, Israel),  Noon in Medina (in p.c. Brussels, Belgium), The Minaret of Koutoubia (in p.c. Lyon, France)  and the Gate to the Olive Garden (in p.c. Prague, Czech republic) were exhibited in May of that year during BAAF exhibition in Brussles and the Southern View once again during the TLVAAF in Tel Aviv in 2010.
The Garden followed in 2011 – picturing Majorelle garden in Marrakech and two views of Marrakech and Fez in 2011 (both destroyed). Today I am about to paint another view of Marrakesh, the city so dear to me.

Chilly Morning in Marrakesh 40×40
Michal Korman: Chilly Morning in Marrakesh – oil on canvas, 40×40 cm, Brussels 2008 (Private collection, Dubai,U.A.E)
Michal Korman: Old Town Gate – oil on canvas, 38×45cm, Brussels 2008 (Private collection, Haifa, Israel)
Southern view
Michal Korman: Southern View – oil on canvas, 65×46cm, Brussels 2008 (Private collection, Slovakia)
Michal Korman: Minaret de la Koutoubiya, ink on paper
Michal Korman: Minaret de la Koutoubiya, ink on paper
Michal Korman: Medina of Fes, ink on paper
Michal Korman: Medina of Fes, ink on paper
Michal Korman: Marrakech, ink on paper
Michal Korman: Marrakech, ink on paper 56×73 cm





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