Good Taste

A good taste paintings are reproducing, for one the interior of Rome Musei Capitolini hall in which the Marcus Aurelius’ equestrian statue is displayed, second one shows the Michelangelo’s Hall in Louvre and another one the Room of Venetian painting in Vienna Kunsthistorisches Museum, or grand hall of Marrakesh city museum.

Michal Korman: This is how your soul should look like, oil on canvas 89×130 cm, Paris 2010


Michal Korman: Insight ( there’s a look to behold), oil on canvas 89×116 cm, Paris 2010


Michal Korman: You are not good enough, oil on canvas 64,5×80,5 cm, Paris 2010, in private collection


Michal Korma: Everyone is a soldier..., ina and watercolours on paper, 57x75,5 cm, Paris 2011
Michal Korman: Everyone is a soldier…, ink and water-colours on paper, 57×75,5 cm, Paris 2011, in private collection


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