Burning minds

The ‘Black fire’ painting dates back to 2010 when once arrived in Paris I started to look for new style, more casual and decontracted.
There is a story behind: the hunk trying to get a contact with a prostitute – well, as we can see neither his face nor the prostitute it is up to the observer to decide how the story will continue. Are you the prostitue?  And yes, the cigarette represents what it represents.

Michal Korman: Black fire, oil on canvas, 73x91cm, Paris 2010


Les Heures (2010)

This Paintig (now in private collection in Paris) inspired by Viginia’s Woolf phenomenal story of Mrs. Dalloway pictures and human being lost in his/her’s thoughts awaiting or apprehending an unspecified/unexplained event. The obvious androginy of the character pictured was suggested to me by novel itself and by Warhol’s famous Blow-job movie.

Michal Korman: Les Heures, 73x100 cm, oil on canvas, 2010 - private collection, France
Michal Korman: Les Heures, 73×100 cm, oil on canvas, 2010 – private collection, France



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