Les antiquités II

Antinoos (2010)

First one of the series, the ‘Grand Imago’ is a portrait of ‘Antinoos de Richelieu’ (Musée du Louvre) a XVII century copy of roman marble.

Grand Imago, oil on canvas 73×90 cm, 2010, private collection Paris

Octavius Aurgustus (2012)

Behind this painting stands a famous statue Augustus di Prima Porta (Musei Vaticani, Rome) and the bronze copy of this famous marble in Sana Lucia quarter Naples.

Michal Korman: Octavius Augustus, oil on canvas 81×100 cm, 2012 Paris

Athena (2012)

The virgin goddess: Athena. This is the helmeted representation of her from Venician Archeological collection of Museo Correr.

Michal Korman: Pallas Athena, oil on canvas, 2012 Paris

Apollo (2012)

Conserved in Vatican museums the worldfamous roman marble depicturing the greek Sun God in sophisticated contrapposto: Belvedere Apollo is a symbol of aesthetic perfection,  ideal canon, a standard of western conception of beauty. This copy of Leochares’ marble was discovered in central Italy 1489. You can non just overlook it when wallking in Octagonal court of Pio-Clementino part of the museums; together with Laocoon it represents the Best of the Pio-Clementino collection.

Michal Korman: Apollo, oil on canvas, 75×95 cm , Paris 2012


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