On Human Condition

Moscow-affair (2010)

The origin of this painting is to be found in my short voyage to Moscow in autumn 2009. This huge city left in me many impressions and I wanted to work with this russian capital as with an object for one of my paining unsuccessfully for several months. Being a fan of Louis Malle’s Elevator to the Gallows (1958) I re-viewed the movie once again in very beginning of 2010 and I have decided to reinterpret the opening scene of this master-work of French cinema in which two main characters of the movie, Julien and his mistress Florence have got a telephonic conversation just before Julien is getting ready to murder Florence’s husband. The second inspiration was the world-famous pop-art painting M-Maybe by Roy Lichtenstein and it’s heroine a blond girl waiting for a man who for an unexplained reason doesn’t come to an appointment. Well, ‘Moscow-affair’ is about cheating and about the secret relation between a man on the phone and someone at the other end of the line. The fact that the hero portrayed is married can only be understood if one sees a ring on a man’s hand.
With the spying clichés creating the suspicious atmosphere all around reputation of Moscow I put all this inspirations and elements together to create a painting of big narrative importance – quiet
unusual within my recent work.

Michal Korman: Moscow-affaire, oil on canvas 50x50cm, 2010 Paris

DIGJ (2010)

This painting largely corresponding to my ‘Moscow-affair’ in terms of narrativeness and representation, was the last one of this short series and precessed the B&W series of painting I begun in 2010 with the close-up painting titled ‘Les Heures’ (now in private collection in Paris) inspired by Viginia’s Woolf phenomenal story of Mrs. Dalloway. Nevertheless the title of this picture as well as the portrayal of it’s heroine find roots in one of most significant works of classic European modern: August Macke’s Woman in Green Jacket. This painting (today in Cologne) pictures from back a lonesome lady in green jacket in a lovers wood either waiting for her lover or abandoned by him. Despite of vivid and joyful colours the whole feeling of this masterpiece is rather melancholic or even sad. I decided in my ‘DIGJ’ to imagine the lady of Macke’s painting and to give her a face and so I tried to introduce to painting the expression of her hidden face.
I was profoundly moved by expressions of Warhol’s female models and a quiet melancholic once of certain of them like on Mildred Scheel’s portrait or on one of Princess’ Caroline portraits and I wanted to work on this in my paintings as well and I actually did because both of my paintings ‘DIGJ’ as well as ‘The Hours’ handle with female melancholy and with moves in mind of a woman. ‘DIGJ’ is also in certain regard an homage on August Macke’s work and first wave of German expressionism but can also be seen as an artist’s whim and nothing more.

Michal Korman: DIGJ, oil on canvas 50×50 cm, 2010 Paris

Blow Job & Shot (2010)

No, it has got nothing to do with Andy Warhol’s silent film, it only is a close up picture of a whore giving a blow job; and Yes, the man on this painting is reduced to the simple idea of a penis as well as the woman is to the simple scheme of vanity with her ear-ring and her flashy red lips. The pendant of this painting  is the ‘Shot’ picturing expressive face of a man looking from above to the unseen figure – what is going on? Is she/he offering him sex services? Or did he just figured something out about her/him? Is he looking to her/his eyes or her/his body? Can we be sure she/he is alive? What shot it’s going on here – a gun shot or cum shot? What happens is only to be imagined – the inquiet features of his facial expression make us think that something has turned wrong during the action. What it may be is rather unclear and invite to a personal interpretation  of the scene.

Michal Korman: Blow-job, oil on canvas (50x50cm) Paris, 2010
Michal Korman: Blow-job, oil on canvas (50x50cm) Paris, 2010
Michal Korman: Boom,oil on canvas (50x50) 2010, Paris
Michal Korman: Shot, oil on canvas (50×50) 2010, Paris



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