Viva l’Italia: Venus of Urbino

Well, here it is: Viva l’Italia!
Two years ago there was a plan born in my head to work on an important male nude canvas and I took for this a picture of  quiet an ordinary  gayporn movie actor I wanted to pictue in very masculine and bossy position in the same way as old masters did with female nudes. I always loved to look at the Manet’s Olympia in Musée d’Orsay and on Goya’s Maja Desnuda and I wanted to do something in mid-way between these two painitings. Of course that I knew from art-history lessons that painitng Olympia Monet has been inspired by Titian’s Venus of Urbino who himself has been inspired by Giorgione’s Sleeping Venus now in Dresden but I have never payed much attention to Titian until couple of weeks ago when clearly decided to visit Venise once again this year. The old project I have put apart for a while now came to the light of the day to me with re-exploring Titian’s work and as I said at the beginning here it is:


And my Viva l’Italia preparation sketch.

Michal Korman: Viva l’Italia, watercolour and ink on paper, 56,5×76,5 cm, 2012 Paris


Michal Korman: Viva l’Italia (Venus of Urbino) oil on canvas, Paris 2012


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