On man

There is no excellent beauty that hath not some strangeness in the proportion. (Francis Bacon)

Once again, I do return to my eternal questioning of the relation between understanding the cultural heritage and re-using it’s traditions in painting. Having fallen recently under the spell of some nietzschean philosophical ideas on eternel recurrence I return to my idols and feel once again very palpitating need of turning my attention to old masters and classical academicism. Of course, manners and oppinions have obviously changed to a point that the attitude towards the picturing of nude in art must have been re-thought and re-newed in the very same way as the everyman perception of it. I think that the nude in art today isn’t only the result of continuos research on artistic heritage but has been in very important way marked or if you like – has evoluated under the pornographic industry. This only does witness the remaning taboos in our society concerning the nudity and the body just in the same way as it ever  has.

Michal Korman: Masculin, ink on paper, 25x35 cm, Paris 2009 - Private collection, Berlin


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