Art of portrait 2

Once again inspired by my favourite maestro after having visited his exhibition in Centre Georges Pompidou: Matisse: Pairs et Series to focus on art of portrait. I took my favourite model’s beautiful face to start with a variation on famous Portrait de Lydia Delectorskaya (Hermitage museum, Saint Petersburg) and sketch her portrait split by an invisible line  dividing the colour composition of the picture into two parts not of the same size but of the same pictural value.  I represended  colour fields with help of cut coloured-paper and simply drew the portrait on this collage with black ink. It is quiet funny how this adventure based on Matisse went on very quickly to a rather familiar pop-art-like representation and turned (not so suprisingly) into warholesque painting.
Result? A very elegant portrait. I think that my graceful friend’s face dominating all the space within the composition has indeed got something of a Grace Kelly chic and charmant charisma.

Michal Korman: Karin, ink on diverse papers- collage, 38×32 cm, Paris
Portrait of Lydia Delectorskaya, 1947 64.1 x 49.7 cm / Hermitage, Saint Petersburg © Succession H. Matisse 2009
Andy Warhol: Reigning Queens: Queen Elizabeth II, 1985