Federico Cortese: CODICE / CODE

Born in Turin, Federico Cortese (41)  works as an independent artist and as an architect, collaborating with several design offices.
Very skilled painter, he focuses in his artistic research on study of language. “Every language,” says Federico, “is created in the purpose of communicating an information. But each language also has formal rules stemming from the purpose for which it is used.’ Federico question in his work the possiblity of isolation the formal rules of a language as a decoration. ” What happens if I apply that structure to another language? How its meaning will change? What will remain of the original meaning of the language?”

Fecerico Cortese: Codice/Codes Figure # 6, oil and pencil on paper, 30×30 cm

In his artistic research Federico Cortese does apply result of this questioning having for subjects of his study cartographic representations, the figures pictured in manuals of medicine, the sheets of the herbals with their plants classification rules, the ancient manuals that collect all the known form of real and imaginary animals, the facial expressions and physiognomy, the pornography, the structure of flags, and so on. Federico: “All these are languages owning their own lexicon; my trial is to isolate and reinvent that lexicon.” In here presented CODE SERIES he discovers for us a very personal topography of an urban or landscape.

Fecerico Cortese: Codice/Codes Figure # 1, oil and pencil on paper, 30×30 cm

“When we consider a road map or a map of the territory we note that they contain different information that are represented by different means, according to the purpose for which they were created: each time we find colors, symbols and words that recall a precise meaning. What happens if I take these techniques of representation, these symbols, and take off the scope for which they were created and mingle them with each other? Will it be for the reader a text in a foreign language, that is meaningless, or through the world of associations and references that each of us possesses, will generate a new language and associate to those images a new meaning?” Federico confirms that in these drawings, the invention of the map of a city is only a pretext. He explains: “Gradually, by changing the shapes, colors and the hierarchy of associations between the various elements I explore the possibilities of changing this language increasingly moving away from its original meaning.”

Fecerico Cortese: Codice/Codes Figure # 5, oil and pencil on paper, 30×30 cm
Fecerico Cortese: Codice/Codes Figure # 7, oil and pencil on paper, 30×30 cm

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On cover:  Fecerico Cortese: Codice/Codes Figure # 3, oil and pencil on paper, 30×30 cm