A Garden

In the same way as in the beginning of discovering countries in search of inspiration during my first stay Italy hit me with immense beauty and I fell in love with it’s landscapes and light Morocco, and more precisely Marrakech, has got me charmed and mesmerised me by her strange and vivid colours.
As every city around the world Marrakech as well has got her jewels hidden among red walls and dusty streets – and the most beautiful of these jewels is undoubtedly Jardin Majorelle – a landscape garden of French artist Jacques Majorelle designed in early 20th century.
Seduced by it’s colours and painting-like composition I have found lot of inspiration there. « Immediately one thinks of Henri Matisse, for we are indeed at very centre of a Matisse, soaked in colour-chilly greens, acid yellows, and hot blues, » says Pierre Bergé.
During my second stay in Marrakech I re-discovered garden in strange, hot, dusty, and very pale atmosphere that has inspired me to a large canvas ‘A Garden’ – one that pictures the painter’s villa in heavy morning light under desert white sky.

Michal Korman signing A Garden, Paris 2011


Michal Korman: A Garden, oil on canvas 190x220cm, Private collection Slovakia